Career in Top Mall and Supermarket

“Welcome to the UAE’s top malls and supermarkets, where job opportunities abound. The Dubai Mall, a global shopping destination, boasts over 1,300 stores and a myriad of dining and entertainment options. Mall of the Emirates, known for its luxury brands and indoor ski slope, offers diverse job roles in retail, customer service, and hospitality. Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi, located on Yas Island, provides a range of job opportunities in retail, food & beverage, and entertainment sectors.”

“Experience a journey through cultures at Ibn Battuta Mall, themed after the travels of Ibn Battuta, offering job opportunities in retail, hospitality, and entertainment. Dubai Marina Mall, nestled in the upscale Dubai Marina area, presents job openings in retail, hospitality, and customer service, catering to an affluent clientele. Deira City Centre, a longstanding shopping destination in Dubai, offers job opportunities in retail, hospitality, and administration, serving a diverse population.”

“Join the team at Mirdif City Centre, offering job roles in retail, hospitality, and entertainment, catering to a vibrant residential community. Dubai Festival City Mall, known for its waterfront location and entertainment options, provides job opportunities in various sectors, including retail, hospitality, and entertainment. Mercato Shopping Mall, inspired by Renaissance Italy, offers a unique ambiance and job opportunities in retail, hospitality, and customer service. Carrefour, a leading supermarket chain in the UAE, offers diverse job roles in sales, customer service, logistics, and management, providing employment opportunities for various skill levels.”

Top Mall and Super Market in UAE

  • The Dubai Mall
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi
  • Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Dubai Marina Mall
  • Deira City Centre
  • Mirdif City Centre
  • Dubai Festival City Mall
  • Mercato Shopping Mall
  • Carrefour